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WINDER/UNWIND TENSION CONTROL You may know them as winders, rewinds, recoilers or take-ups; likewise, you may know them as unwinds, uncoilers or pay-offs, but they are all the same subsection of web handling. Winders and unwinds are a critical portion of the web handling process.

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"Your oven system works great! We use it to burn oils off parts before we weld. We just purchased our second oven because we were so pleased with the first one. Very happy with the service level after the sale." ... Coil Winding Tension Control Device (Model 44-TD) Coil winding is an important process for many product manufacturers. To ensure ...

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Although closed loop tension control systems offer the most advan-tageous method of providing web ten-sion control, be it dancer or load cell, there are some limitations to each type of system. In dancer systems, more space is required in the machine to accommodate the dancer arm and rollers, and some method, preferably an


In an active dancer, an actuator is used to control the translational velocity of the dancer roller based on the tension measured by a load cell mounted on a roller downstream to the dancer roller.

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Tension Control Systems Dancer Arm Sensors Warner Electric pivot point sensor is a ... the MCS-203, MCS-207, TCS-210 or TCS-310 dancer control system to provide smooth control of unwind stands operating at any speed. The sensor is mounted at one end of the dancer roll pivot shaft where it monitors the ... TCS-605-1 TCS-605-2 TCS-605-5 Sensor ...


web tension. The eliminates operator dependency, and provides more accurate control of tension. DANCER SYSTEM Let's look at a typical dancer control system. Figure 1 In this system, the restraining torque is provided by a pneumatic brake, which is operated by a current-to-pressure proportional valve, being controlled by the dancer tension ...

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Sensors Web tension and control sensors are the input devices used with tension control systems and web guide systems. Nexen's web tension sensors include load cells for measuring the force applied to a sensor roller, roll diameter sensors, and rotary sensors used with dancer systems.

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the heat dissipation, servo systems offer a low inertia which allows much better tension control, particularly at low diameters. If the web is accelerating during machine start-up, the un-winder may need to be driven to accelerate the web onto the machine.

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Dancer Control for Electric Brake Systems MCS-203 (P/N 6910-448-014) (Shown with Housing) Typical System Configuration The completely solid state MCS-203 Dancer Control Module is designed for automatic web tensioning through the use of a dancer roll. The MCS-203 can control two 24 VDC tension brakes in parallel. It works on the concept of a

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Jun 27, 2017· I studied various sources on winders, tension control, dancers etc., and most state that it's possible without measuring the coil diameter, although the diameter changes during unwinding. But in this case I would need to use PID control. I looked into the PID library which seems useful.

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Jun 21, 2016· The Mechanics of Tension Control ... manroland web systems - Automation in Web Offset Printing - Duration: ... Control de tension, control de dancer: ...

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It is true that many dancer systems require stabilization, but this can be better done with rate response in the control element. Acceleration. It has long been realized that a dancer, because of its inertia, will not completely absorb tension transients.

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Apr 21, 2019· The goal in a dancer system is for the dancer to remain at the mid-point of travel. Pressure on the dancer establishes the tension for the web. The brake in the system controls how fast material is allowed to unwind. Brake pressure changes based on feedback from the dancer potentiometer to the control and from the control to the brake or drive.

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Since the force exerted by a dancer sets the Tension in the zone where it's located, the dancer can be used as a direct TENSION controlling device when used with adjustable weights, counter weights or pneumatically controlled actuators. Electrically controlled pneumatics can be used to provide Taper Tension control. 1.) Dancer Utilization:

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Web Tension Control The BXCTRL Web Tension Control is a solid state electronic control that receives a signal from dancer input sensors or two load cells (customer supplied). It integrates two separate Digital PID Controllers and two separate Open Loop controls. nAll set-up is done via SD card or computer n When wired to dancer feedback or load

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space and go with a load cell system that also gives me direct ten-sion readout? Do I spend the money for both systems to have the ultimate tension control? Dancer systems (see Figure 1) have been around for many years and provide accurate tension control by providing posi-tion feedback. Dancer systems are typically used if there is a

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The goal in dancer/follower arm applications is to utilize the dancer arm for increased accuracy in tension control, eliminating dependence on an operator and achieve automatic control of the braking torque on the unwind roll — resulting in constant web tension.

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Both position controller for dancer based systems and tension controller for load cell based systems can be commonly referred to as a technology controller. A technology controller is a closed loop control system that applies correction based on the difference between the setpoint and actual values.

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Web Tension Control Products. Built for Quality. Engineered for Performance. Montalvo manufacturers a complete line of web tension control products to meet …

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With carbon-fiber rollers, unique linear rider roll and dancer tension control systems, a fully cantilevered design, and the ability to run web widths as narrow as 15 mm, the DM6 offers unprecedented capabilities for shrink sleeve inspection and narrow web roll doctoring.

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Understanding Dancer Tension Control Systems, 2008 PLACE Conference. Sign In. Cart ; Understanding Dancer Tension Control Systems, 2008 PLACE Conference. Please Note: This document will be available in PDF format in the "My Electronic Documents" link on the home page once your order has been completed. Please make sure you have the latest ...

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Typically, the components involved in the control are part of a larger machine or system, which can include several tension zones and also winders. Various open or closed control techniques for various measuring systems are implemented in the function – e.g. dancer roll systems or loadcell.

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They found that when switching the tension control from one roll to the next one, in the splicing sequence, the whole control system was disturbed within a fraction of a second and using the load cell meant it lost tension. We engineered a new dancer system with very low friction components and achieved reliable splicing for them with ease.

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Apr 04, 2013· Web Tension Control Systems- from APPLICATION SYSTEMS, INDIA, for Unwind / Uncoil & Rewind / Coiling processes. It includes Magnetic Powder ( Particle) Brakes, Web Tension Sensing Load Cell ...

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of your tension control system. System selection and brake information can be found in Warner Electric's Tension Control Systems Catalog, P-771. Power Supply The MCS-166 Power Supply Module is designed to operate either the MCS-203 Dancer Control or the MCS-204 Remote/Analog Control. The MCS-166 accepts either 120 VAC or 220/240 VAC input ...

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Choosing a tension control system can be intimidating — especially with the large array of systems available. Understanding the basic systems, which comprise some type of brake with an open or ...

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Implemented much like dancer controlled system, tension transducer feedback can give very accurate control and permit display of tension but, without some of the benefits of a dancer. Figure H.13 shows a representative method for using a load cell in a center driven winder application.

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