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Welcome on! The place for visual yoga art, spiritual art and ZEN art. Yoga art for and by yogis. 

The word inspiration is derived from the Latin word "in spirare", or "to breathe in". For yogis, the art of breathing plays a vital role in balancing body and mind. The inner peace and mental clarity that yoga and meditation bring, offers space for contemplation and creativity. No wonder that the most impassioned art work is born out of the hands of these life artists. Sculptures, paintings, watercolor paintings, photographs and more that we've collected for you in our online gallery.   

We bring you art that suits a yogic lifestyle. You can find our work in our online gallery, at exhibitions and in yoga studios that we've partnered with. 

Visual yoga art

Graceful poses manifest itself in bronze, clay, on canvas or through a camera lens.. 

Yoga kunst


Spiritual art

Created from the essence. Nature, female figures, patterns... 

Spirituele kunst


ZEN art

Peaceful art, nature, outdoor, meditation.. 


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Yoga-Art is an initiative from Jennifer Schregel (020 Concepts).

Interested in an exhibition? Questions about our work? Or interested to work together with Yoga-Art, either as a yoga studio or as an artist? 

Please feel free to contact us! 

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