Wies Galjaard


Art is Expression!

Art is a way to shape whatever lives inside her that she would like to share with the world. Wies though herself to paint and loves to investigate, expiriment and experience. With her paintings she aims to highlight different aspects of life. 

She uses symbolism and themes such as admissibility, surrender, connection, combativity and vulnarability.

Her devotion in creating art represents her devotion to life.

Since a few years Wies has been practising yoga. After visiting many parts of the world, she decided to make Amsterdam her homebase.

Wies became self employed, first as a masseuse and as a hand analyst, which brought her pleasure. After that she found out what she had always known somehow. She wanted to create beautiful things! Bring colour into this world! 

And that's exactly what she does, with devotion, for whoever enjoys her work. 

View more work from Wies:  www.wiesgaljaard.com



Body and Mind Amsterdam - July 2016

Body and Mind Amsterdam



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