Helena Arturaleza

Helena Arturaleza

Helena Arturaleza, born 1992 just north of Amsterdam. Helena has always been a creative spirit, since childhood she found her ways to express through out: dance expressing, music (cello, N’goni, Vocal, writing and art, finally she made art to her profession.

She exchanged her secondary school for the study Media & Design at the creative industries school, here she got the possibility to develop her style and art in her free time. In the last year of the study she gave painting lessons to the students of the lower classes and got several paid assignments to make Murals. As a result, she started living as a artists at 20 years old, where she has taught herself to paint.

Helena’s work is inspired by life itself, nature and the female. Her work is is characterized by spirituality also known as Visionary art. With her paintings she tries to make a conscious message to the world about our true nature and the spiritual evolution of man kind. She likes to express the beauty and immense strength of the female, here by she has a fascination to capture the right body posture wich is able to express the message, emotion and beauty of the art, for this she often uses dance like or yoga postures. With her art she is trying to express the oneness of nature and human kind and as well the oneness of all the races around the world. By painting she is able to represent her soul and true self, it is a reflection of her inner process and thus the process of human evolution and especially that of the female. The materials she uses are Oils and Acrylics.

Her art has influences from around the world, as she likes to travel a lot. In 2014 and 2015 she made a project ‘Around the world in 80 paintings’. This project had the intention to spread harmony into the world with art, by stimulating the trade system. This by making murals at public places in trade for a sleeping place and exhibiting art on festivals. 

Writers write words, with words they write poems. Painters write poems, not with words but with images. What I want to bring with my art are poems with a deep spiritual message and understanding about life, not with words but with images. With this I intent to touch people’s souls and make a little change on this planet by bringing beautiful art.

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