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Yoga-Art works with passionate yoga artists. An introduction of our artists. 

Joop KoopmanJoop creates creramic sculptures that can be placed indoor as well as outdoor. 

After being a teacher for over 25 years in both primary and secondary schools, Joop pursued is dream of becoming a full-time artist in 2001. 

His first exhibition took place in "beeldentuin Akermare" in Akersloot. Later on he became a regular exhibitor at galery "Lughien" in Amsterdam. Other galeries troughout the country followed.

Joop's sculptures are currently available at galeries such as "Smelik en Stokking" in The Hague. Read more.. 


Helena ArturalezaHelena has always been a creative spirit. During her study Art & Design she has been able to develop her creative painting skills. 

In the last year of the study she gave painting lessons to the students of the lower classes. At the age of 20 she decided to make art her profession. With her project  “Around the world in 80 paintings” she travelled through the US for 1,5 years. 

Her work is inspired by many influences from around the world, by life itself, nature and the female. It's characterized by spirituality (visionary art) and surrealism.  With her paintings she tries to make a conscious message to the world about our true nature and the spiritual evolution of man kind. Read more.. 


Wies Galjaard
Art is Expression!

Art is a way to shape whatever lives inside her that she would like to share with the world. Wies though herself to paint and loves to investigate, expiriment and experience. With her paintings she aims to highlight different aspects of life. 

She uses symbolism and themes such as admissibility, surrender, connection, combativity and vulnarability.

Her devotion in creating art represents her devotion to life. Read more..


Maurice van de MeijsMaurice started his photography carreer 12 years ago, when he was forced to stop breakdancing due to an injury. As a photographer he could stay connected to his passion from another angle.

He travelled the world to phograph all big breakdance events and decided to make photography his profession. At the time he was working at a camera store, where he was able to absorb a lot of knowledge on techniques and lightning, which later on became his signature. 

Maurice works together with agencies like House of Organge, Boomerang Creative and several brands such as Samsung, Vodafone, Red Bull, Puma, FHM, Playboy and Amstel. Read more..


Jurjen Fontein

Jurjen studied at the "Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten" in The Hague and did a study visual communication that the "Rijksacademie" in Amsterdam. 

His work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and Singapore. 

His work is charactarized by his "joie de vivre". His many trips to the Far East intensified his work. In 2001 he founded Art Event, a company that organizes creative workshops for companies and other groups. Since 2007 he's also working together with Graffiti Workshops as a creative coach. Read more.. 



Iepke Seebregts & Saskia Hoek

Saskia Hoek and Iepke Seebregts have been working together on a project called "Gekleurd Naakt" (coloured nude) since 2004. 

With bodypaint they create fascinating temporary artwork that is perpetuated via photography. With their work they aim to express the beauty of the human body. They are a great team, both in terms of concept development and in terms of painting. 

Their most recent project is the BodyYogaArt-calendar.



Elvira Pronk

Elvira Pronk - Buné is both yogateacher and graphic designer. She has been working as a freelancer for several fashion brands for years, but fills her days with teaching yoga and organising creative workshops for kids as well as adults. This is how Elvira finds balance between the things she's loves most; inspiring people, activating people and to give them self confidence. 

Elvira is passionate about drawing, painting and using collage techniques to create new images. Over the years she has developed her own style in which she brings yoga and design together. She sees herself as a creative entepreneur and tries to shape the things that cross her path from her hart.  Read more..



Marius Boer

After a creative stop of a few years, Marius decided to go challenge himself to go back to his passion, "the human body" and bring it back to life.

He has been active in the studio for a long time. Next to his profession he is also passionate about fashion and music. Over the years Marius has built a collection of free work that has found it's way via exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad.

His signature is the use of black-white. Keywords are integrity and trust. Just like his models, Marius is inspired by dance, ballet and the beauty of yoga poses. Whenever suitable in his view he adds strengtening elements to his work. Read more..



Hannah Hakkenberg

Hannah has been drawing and painting her whole life. She has also been practicing yoga intensively for the last ten years and has almost finished her yoga teacher training. 

During her education she learned to create yantras. In these mystical diagrams her love for art and her interest in human consciousness come together perfectly. She loves yantras because they give access to the powers of the universe, and because they look magical. 

Furthermore she writes about magic and consciousness, and creates personal art. Read more..

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